This Is What Happens When You Put An Onion In Your Ear Overnight!

Do you know benefits of consuming onion with the everyday meal? Known as a superfood, it also has several medicinal properties which makes a safety shell around you and keeps you away from many ailments. Onion keeps your immune system strong and makes it fight against germs and diseases. It has several health benefits hidden in its every layer. So, cure diseases and heal your wounds quickly at home by just a small onion.


1. Have earache since last night? Onion is a magic cure for it.

onion in ear

Onion too has a little heart hidden inside its layers. Take out the heart and cut it off. Place it in your ear overnight and the next morning you will find that earache has flown away. It happened because of its anti-inflammatory property.


2. Like garlic, onions also fight with the cold symptoms and strengthen the immune system.

cold symptoms

Cook onion soup by just boiling it with water and drink it in the morning. It may not be delicious to you but pretty useful to keep you healthy in the cold weather.

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