How You Can Spot FAKE Honey in Store ?

territory where it will then get slapped with a “Made in the USA” sticker and onto our shelves.


All of this funny honey is no laughing matter. It’s putting everyone who enjoys honey, either as a health benefit or simply as an alternative sweetener, at risk. So, how do you protect yourself?


Don’t eat the pre-packaged honey from KFC or McDonald’s, nor the “Winnie the Pooh” kind from Wal-Mart as 100% of these samples had no traces of pollen.
77% of honey from stores like Sam’s Club, Target, and Costco had no traces of pollen.
Know the source.


Buy locally, whenever possible. Not only will this ensure your honey is legitimate, it’ll also help reduce your seasonal allergies by acclimating your body to the local flora through the ingesting of pollen.


If you can afford it, and are unable to buy local honey, Manuka honey from New Zealand is the only honey that has been approved by the FDA to treat wounds and burns and thus is most likely to be legitimate and good for you on several levels.


A USDA label doesn’t mean your honey is pure.


Steer clear of substances given different names like “honey products” or “honey blends”
Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s authentic, quality honey.


Things to keep in mind once you find honey you think is quality:
Real honey will not freeze, at least until  -78.34 C / -109 F -109F. So if you see some honey in the store you suspect look like freezing, that mean that is fake, no need more consideration for that one choice, remember this simple things, honey won’t freeze before yourself freeze. But that’s not all we need to consider. After you buy some honey you need to do some test and take some note if you’re going to buy it again or not next time you going to store. Here’s some other test you can do after you buy a sample.


Try putting a spoonful of the honey in a glass of water and stir; if it dissolves quickly, it most likely is fake.
Taste it. Can you taste more than one flavor or is it just sweet with a background of honey-like flavor?

honey in store


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