Selfie With A Rattlesnake Worth $150.000

Clicking selfies is the newest fad among people and some have taken the art to levels unimaginable while others have risked their lives in┬ástupid attempts to click a selfie. This man right here is one among the latter trying to click a selfie with a rattlesnake. Oh yes, you heard it right and in the process got bitten. Now rattlesnake bites are fairly common and thus medical treatment is widely available but still its a very nasty and dangerous business. Don’t believe me, take a look. Disclaimer: Viewer discretion advised, disturbing images ahead.

Rattlesnake bites are a common occurence in US

rattle snake

With a lot of snakes out there, it’s common among the snake bites and which in itself is not-so-common. Source

Although Todd Fassler of San Diego, CA made to it differently

Todd Fassler

What he did was try and take a selfie with a dangerous creature.

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