5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer: What are the signs?

How does one know that one is ill with ovarian cancer without passing exams? Are there particular symptoms?


“There are very few typical signs for ovarian cancer. The ovaries are in a rather large cavity, that is the abdomen. Except when they produce the liquid and there ascites which swells the stomach, the signs are pretty bastards. Most of the time there are digestive disorders but they are not typical. This is also problematic for gynecologists because even clinically, the diagnosis is very difficult to ask.

“The diagnosis is very difficult to do except when there is a large mass of the ovary. But most of the time there is no bulky mass and the diagnosis is very difficult to do early.

“Most of the time we end up finding ovarian cancer but at a late stage. When the mass is large, this is due to the liquid. There is a liquid production by tumor cells in the abdominal cavity. And several liters grow liquid stomach and diagnosis is often made by an increase in the volume of the abdomen by the liquid. ”

With over 3500 lives every year, ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynecological cancer after breast cancer. Small anatomical reminders and balance of a little known cancer.

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