11 DIY Natural Lip Stains

Natural Lip Stains

Talk about lip stains, we can get Natural Herbal Lip Stain – Sunset easily, but how about making your own natural lip stains?

Why natural lip stains? When the temperatures are sky high, we tend to pass on heavy lipsticks in favor oflighter glosses and lip stains, and here at Brit + Co, we always love a good beauty DIY. Lip stains are the perfect DIY, because they usually only contain a couple of ingredients, and the colors can be completely customizable. Check out these 11 super easy lip stains, then start dreaming up your perfect lip color!

1. Shimmery Lip Gloss: For a super easy tinted gloss, just use Vaseline and a shimmery — preferably all-natural — blush powder. (via Free People)

2. Crayon Lipstick: Don’t freak out. Crayons are made mostly of paraffin (found in most lipsticks or lip balms) and non-toxic, food-grade pigments, making them perfect for mixing up a fun new lip color. (via Mom Dot)


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