Incredible Talocan. It Looked Like An Ordinary Ride. But NOBODY Was Ready For THIS! YIKES!

Incredible Talocan

Incredible Talocan is a ride in a amusement park in Germany. Some of the biggest attractions at amusement parks are the thrilling rides. It’s what little kids beg to go to and cry when they’re not tall enough for it. The lines may be long and annoying, but the adrenaline rush you feel while going down a particularly steep fall or flying through the air at dizzying speeds is totally worth it.

incredible talocan - germany - bittersweetadventure

The ride in this video is called Talocan. It is one of the craziest rides in Phantasialand, an amusement park in Germany. The park gets over a million visitors every year and many come for this special ride. It’s not your average top spin ride—this ride boasts some amazing jets of fire and water coming at thrill-seekers! This one is really not for those with a weak heart!

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