Instagram Top 10 Account You Must Follow

Instagram top 10 account you must follow.

While Instagram relies Heavily on users posting photos of their everyday life, here are the instagram top 10  account most amazing accounts you must follow that take the photo sharing app to an another level, cool and sometimes bizarre ways.


1. 2 Million followers of Butt Actress

most famous butt on instagram

Known as the most famous Butt on Instagram. when she was 20 started posting of herself working out at the gym. She gained thousand of followers on Instagram exponentially with her each shot of her Butt pictures in yoga pants.

2. The King of Instagram Selfie !

2. The King of Instagram Selfie !

Mr.Pimp he is a 37 year old. He is a quiet customer sep for a medical supply company. He is known as the king of selfie on instagram with his selfies with the constant pose and smile.

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