Dumb People We Will Miss In 2016

Those dumb people get  the consequences for acting too smart.

We all love adventure but sometimes when it gets too much then the chances of ending up in a hospice become higher. Wanting to face a stunt to look like a hero is ok but what happens when someone fails #ugly. The consequences of acting too smart are hard to imagine. Mother Nature is a bitch when it comes to paying us back for our stupidity.

We fall so that we can learn how to pick ourselves back? But, the fails apart from leaving a lesson to learn also gives us a reason to laugh.
Down below are similar incidents which would make you ROFL…

1. She didn’t see the downfall coming

Dumb people - She didn't see the downfall coming - Bitter Sweet Adventure

2. She just wanted to have a good view

She just wanted to have a good view - Bitter Sweet Adventure

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